my new bonsai

Remember this post about my unruly houseplants? Well I have a little update for you. My fiddle leaf fig tree did not make it through the winter months. After almost  8 years of living together we said goodbye. I blame a busy schedule and the new baby on its demise. Luckily I have another fiddle leaf fig tree that is thriving. I also added this little creature to our house. bonsai-1It's a juniper bonsai tree and as you can see it is quite small! I'm really quite besotted with this little thing. I can't help but imagine a tiny village of people living underneath it.

bonsai-2It's also in one of the prettiest ceramic planters I have seen. Isn't that the exact colour you want to paint your walls right now?

I don't know anything about raising bonsai so I will have to do some research. Someone told me you need to trim them this true?