mirror and console table revealed

It's up! Remember that vintage oculus I found a few weeks back that I was going to make into a mirror? Well, it's finished and it's up on the wall. Initially, I thought we would place it over the fireplace in the living room but after seeing it in the hallway above our recently acquired console table I knew that this was its home.

We actually picked up the console table and the oculus on the same day at an architectural salvage store called Post & Beam Reclamation. The table is made up of two separate parts: a wrought iron base that is worn and rusted and a white granite slab. It's tall, slender profile works really well in our narrow Victorian hallway.

Originally, I had planned to wrap the reclaimed wood mirror in some rough rope but when I saw it completed I decided that it didn't need any more embellishment. It already has a lot going on visually. I can't thank the people over at Cascade Crystal enough, they did an amazing job. They actually countersunk the mirror into the back of the frame so that when it is viewed from the side you don't see the edge of the glass. I also have to thank our neighbor, Clay, who came over and helped hang this incredibly heavy mirror. We couldn't have done it without him.

So, the only question I have left to answer is what do I do above our fireplace: another mirror, more art? I admit I'm a bit stumped. For now, I'm going to enjoy styling my new console table. There's nothing like having a new place to put things!


living room

There are so many things I love about my old Victorian house; the original wood doors, the detailed mouldings, the cast iron clawfoot tub, and the soaring ceilings to name a few. But there are two things that I would gladly exchange. One is the paltry closets (we can't even hang a hanger properly) and the other is our long, narrow rooms. Our living room only measures ten and a half feet across and a foot of that is taken up by the fireplace. It certainly makes furniture placement difficult. What that means is that I am constantly moving things around trying to find the best combination. Recently, I added a couple of floor pillows into the mix. I found this beautiful, worn rug at Legacy Vintage Building Materials, an architectural salvage store in Cobourg, Ontario. Originally, I thought I would use it on the floor but when it proved too small I took it down to the upholsterers and had it made into pillows.

I love the fact that they give us extra seating plus Harry loves jumping on them. The following image I pulled from a magazine awhile ago. It's been a huge inspiration for our living room.

Sophie Munro

Here are a few more pics of the pillows and the rest of our living room.