summer's end

I always think this long weekend marks the end of summer and the beginning of fall. Anne Menke

I'm not one to get upset about the end of a season I enjoy them all. I'm looking forward to wearing sweaters and tights and boots and scarves again. Fall is definitely the best season when it comes to fashion. So many delicious things to wear!

I also can't wait to start making stews, chilli and soups. (I'm not sure if I could eat another salad - although tonight that's what's on the menu.)

Soon, it will also be time to switch out my cotton blankets for wool ones and generally make the house a little cosier for winter.

I plan on spending this weekend wading through all my September issues which have piled up around my bed and generally getting a little more organized. I can't help but feel that come Tuesday morning with kids returning to school and people back from holidays that the world will slowly gear up again.

Have a wonderful weekend, friends! What are your plans?