cast your vote: dining room light

For this installment of Cast Your Vote, I am asking you, dear readers, to help me once again. The Marion House is in need of a new dining room light fixture. The one presently installed is a large, cream drum shaped pendant that tends to obscure the view of the amazing painting we have on the opposite wall.

I am also embarrassed to say that it hangs crookedly. So much so that when Elana came by to do the house tour for HGTV she asked, "Is that light straight? Can we do anything to fix it?" Yikes! And no, believe me I have done everything in my power to try and make it hang evenly.

So, the search begins. Here is what I am thinking. I would like the fixture to be primarily black for two reasons. One, it will work well with the large chandelier we have in the living room (as seen below) and secondly it will work better with the large painting.

I also want the light to be dramatic but not so overwhelming that it takes away from the painting which is really the focal point of the room.

Below are a few things I have found. Please cast your vote and let me know which light you think would work best. Or send me another suggestion!

The Smoke Chandelier from Dutch designer Maarten Baas for Moooi. I think this light is brilliant. It is charred with fire and then sealed with an epoxy finish. It's smart and well designed.

This mesh light has a Moroccan feel and would probably cast beautiful shadows around the room. Unfortunately, I don't know where this light is from. Can anyone help? (via Living Etc.)

This light from Droog titled 85 Lamps is really stunning. My research indicates that it takes a very low watt bulb. Even so, I imagine I would want this one on a dimmer.

The Random Light by Moooi shown here in architect and designer Philippe Harden's living room would certainly be dramatic. However, I'm worried that it might be too overwhelming and obscure the view. On the other hand, the weave is quite fine so maybe it would work. (via Remodelista.)

Another light by Moooi this one is called The Emperor.

I could go traditional and install a beautiful crystal chandelier like this one in Dwell Studio creator, Christiane Lemieux's loft. I love this dining room - there is just something about the mix of antiques, teak chairs, and books that works so well.

This black and brass chandelier from British company Retrouvius is absolutely unique and a perfect example of how a more contemporary piece can work in a period era home. I think it would work so well in our dining room. It wouldn't obscure the painting and at the same time it would throw some light directly on it. Problem is, this is probably a vintage piece. Drat! (via Remodelista)

I find this retro looking light fixture quite interesting. I imagine it is from the 1950's or 60's. However, I'm not sure if it right for The Marion House but I could be wrong. (via Remodelista)

Finally, if money was no object I would definitely go with this Lindsey Adelman contemporary chandelier. Each fixture is made to order with hand blown glass globes and custom metal fittings.Unfortunately, at about $14 400, this 9 globe light is out of my price change. (via Oliver Yaphe)

Actually, this would be my number one choice hands down if money was no object. I love Serge Mouille lights and this would be the perfect fit. It definitely catches your attention but it is also subtle enough to let the painting shine. Absolute perfection.

Please cast your vote and help me choose a light for my dining room. Do you think I have a winner here or is there something I'm missing? I look forward to your comments!