top of the heap - bedrooms

I'll have a brand new Hello! Neighbor post for you in the next couple of weeks but today let's take a look at some of the best bedrooms I have featured. Maybe you'll be inspired to try out some of the interesting ways my neighbor's have decorated their bedrooms from framing fabric to a DIY handkerchief bunting that you could make in an afternoon! The interesting artwork above Sheldon and Ulrika's bed sparked a lot of questions. Turns out it is a piece of Marimekko fabric stretched over a frame.

Rachel and Paul's country bedroom has a bunting behind the bed made from vintage handkerchiefs a quick and easy DIY you could make on the weekend.

Kristin and Derek's bedroom features a lovely, vintage Danish blanket and photography by Derek. Blowing up 2-3 photos at a larger scale is a great way to top your headboard.

I love the embroidered throw and vintage wicker basket in Per and Elana's bedroom. Adding a few one of a kind items to a room can really make a difference.

The raw, unfinished window frame, baseboards and floorboards give Bre and V's bedroom so much personality. You might recognize this spot from some of Scout & Catalogue's lookbook shots.

Murray and Sian were not afraid of a little colour in their bedroom (see all of the white walls above!). This soft grey-brown paint perfectly offsets their white painting.

Adding a chair to a bedroom can be a great way to add a bit of visual interest and gain some storage space. I love the way this bentwood chair in Jenny's bedroom has become almost invisible underneath all of her beautiful pillows.

Finally, a shot of my own bedroom. I made the large black, orange and yellow pillows (furthest back) out of a vintage rug I found and the bedside table is a classic wood cheese box that just happened to be the perfect height.

Image Credits:
All images by Kristin Sjaarda