you make it - christmas card board

If you're anything like me than you love displaying the holiday cards you receive from family and friends around your home at Christmas time. For years, I have precariously balanced the cards along our mantelpiece or on our sideboard but found myself constantly having to prop them up and pick them up off of the floor when anyone walked by.  This year I decided to do away with that frustration and make an easy DIY Christmas card board.

Materials you'll need:

        • 1/2" thick corkboard or fibreboard cut to your desired size (available at hardware stores)
        • Fabric that measures approximately 2-3 inches extra than the overall size of your board
        • Staple gun
        • Paint and foam brushes
        • Ribbon
        • ScotchBlue tape 
        • Thumbtacks



How you make it:


  • Lay your fabric on a table the wrong side up. Place your corkboard on top and using a staple gun secure the fabric in place. (Note: staple opposite sides first pulling the fabric taut as you go.)
  • Using different widths of  ScotchBlue tape  make stripes the length of the board leaving some of the fabric bare.



  • Paint the bare stripes of the fabric with alternating colors of paint.
  • Remove the ScotchBlue tape while the paint is semi-dry.
  • Next stretch ribbon over the length of the board in the places where there is no paint. Hold the ribbon in place with thumbtacks along the edges of the board.
  • Turn board over. Staple ribbon ends to the back of the board trimming any excess.



Christmas cards and other holiday mementos can be placed between the strips of ribbon or thumb tacked to the board directly. Placed in a front hall or on an unused wall it can become command central for all your festive wrapping and Christmas card writing needs. I've even put a basket of ribbon and all my paper and gift tags within reach so the whole family knows where to find these things. After the festive season, the board could be used for grocery lists, calendars, and mail.


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