l'ouvrier - restaurant visit

Last week I introduced you to artist and designer Courtney Wotherspoon. Today we're going to take a closer look at one of the projects she had a hand in designing - l'ouvrier kitchen/bar. With a little ingenuity and some serious DIY she turned a blank space into a riveting venue. These are projects you could even try out in your home. I think the "detritus baggie" installation would look great in an office. Great inspiration for a Tuesday morning! _MG_7503

L'ouvrier is a lesson in white - specifically high gloss white. Vintage table bases and wood tops were painted in high gloss white paint to create a uniform and clean look.

_MG_7476Of course, every rule needs to be broken so there is one standout fluorescent pink table at the from of the room - a trademark Courtney Wotherspoon colour!


Throughout the space Wotherspoon made the utilitarian beautiful. Here are a typical black electrical cord becomes captivating wall art.


On the opposite wall, Wotherspoon installed a series of ziploc bags filled with construction and renovation debris.

_MG_7585 A detail of the "detritus baggies."


A casual place to have drinks withe more wall art made from electrical cord by Courtney.


Wotherspoon also designed the restaurant's logo, menu, gift certificates, and business cards.


At the back of the restaurant is a solid concrete bar with vintage laboratory stools. On  the wall, Courtney has installed sticks she has painted in vivid colours.

For more information on l'ouvrier check out my interview with Courtney Wotherspoon.

All photographs by Kristin Sjaarda.