52 objects - no.32

Well, here we are with only 20 objects remaining. When I started this series I wrote a list of about 15 items that popped into my head immediately. I had all intentions of writing down all 52 objects but somewhere along the way I decided that the process should be more organic and that impulse should lead the way. As we approach, the final objects on this list I'm beginning to feel more pressure about what to include. I worry about leaving something off the list and regretting it later. To be honest, coming up with 52 objects is much harder than I imagined. The truth is we don't really need much in our lives to be fulfilled.

Is there something you thought would make the list that hasn't yet?

52 objects - no. 30

Brass is definitely the new chrome. You can't open a magazine this month without seeing it somewhere. It's funny how these trends come and go. A few years ago you wouldn't have been caught dead with a brass drawer pull or reading light and now its the leading edge. I think the first time I remember seeing it and liking it was in Jenna Lyons black bathroom. She has a brass shower head and I seem to recall reading that she treated it with salt water to give it that weathered, unpolished look. I admit, I'm also a fan of the tarnished look -no shiny brass for me, please!How about you, are you liking the new rise in popularity of brass?

Object number thirty (wow, we're getting up there!)

52 objects - no. 23

We've all done it...gone on a trip somewhere and picked up a t-shirt as a souvenir. Question is, how many of those shirts do you still have? All? None? One or two? I admit I don't get overly sentimental about keeping things. Of all the tourist t-shirts I've picked up along the way I only have one in my possession and it comes from my first significant travel experience. This was a real adventure. A trip that took us from Canada to Rio de Janeiro to South Africa to Portugal to London (not all planned mind you  - an airport strike and some stolen passports added unforeseen destinations.)

Object number 23 is a t-shirt I have held onto for a very long time, so long in fact that it now fits Henry (well almost!)

52 objects - no. 22

Object number 22, an African Senufo stool, is a fairly new purchase for me but something I have coveted for a very long time. I've seen them featured in many interiors I love but there is one photograph in particular that is stuck in my mind. It is of a leather chair, a teak dresser and one of these stools topped with a small brown pillow. I believe the home belongs to or belonged (this was some time ago!) to Linda O'Keeffe, a former editor of Metropolitan Home. It was a small but stunning Manhattan apartment. Do you know the interior I am talking about? I will look around and see if I can find some photos to show you tomorrow. For now, enjoy object number 22.