modular brass candlestick

Well, it didn't arrive in time for my bedroom reveal but it's here now and I love it! In fact, I'm torn between using it in the bedroom or in the dining room.

If you remember, I originally found this candelabra on 1st Dibs. It was listed as a 1960s, swivel brass panel candlestick from the United States. The asking price was around $300 if I remember correctly (the item is now sold). Luckily, one of my readers informed me that she had recently bought a very similar looking candlestick from an Etsy store called Housing Authority and they had another one for sale. Much to my delight, they were only asking $52 for it. I immediately added the candlestick to my cart and sent off a thank you email to my reader.

Since its arrival I've been trying to find out some more information about it. Interestingly, the Housing Authority site had it listed as a Danish folding candelabra. I've compared the two photographs and personally I can't see any difference between the two objects.

If anyone has any background on these holders I would love to learn more. I'm fascinated to know what their origin may be and who designed them. I'm curious if they were made by an American designer or a Danish designer.

In my quest to find more information, I did discover some other beautiful brass candelabras that I thought I would share with you. Two of them come from Lindsey Adelman who you probably know best for her stunning hand blown light fixtures. This brass candelabra known as the Agnes is also modular and can hold from 3 to 20 candles. It's available in satin brass, oil-rubbed bronze and wait for it.... 24k gold. The one pictured is listed at $4800.

I also came across this more modest but still stunning brass candlestick holder on her site.

It is called the Nick and the Candlestick and was inspired by a Sylvia Plath poem, of the same name, and antique brass weights and measures. It comes with its own walnut tray for $1200.

Finally, I found a few images of these modular candelabras from German designer Fritz Nagel.

Each are made up of multiple pieces that can be stacked and positioned in infinite combinations.

So what do you think, is this a bedroom item or better suited to the dining room? I'm going to keep my eyes peeled when I'm out vintage shopping for more modular candlesticks. If anyone has any leads let me know, it worked wonders last time!