Tablescapes - Behind the Shoot

The best part about my job at Chatelaine is getting to produce photoshoots. One of the reasons I started this blog back in 2010 was because I loved creating photos. The fact that I now get to do that with a talented team of people by my side is very fulfilling.

table-setting-entertaining-ceramic-dishes (1).jpg

The crew I work with is actually very small - a prop stylist, photographer and sometimes an art director. We haul equipment, props, and lights to various locations and then proceed to make the shots. For this shoot, we created three different tablescapes in one studio loft.


I also get the chance to work with artisans and makers that I admire. For the shot above, we reached out to Hannah over at Speck and Stone. I found Hannah on instagram and instantly fell in love with her pottery. I'm hoping one day that her plates will line my shelves!

All images, Sian Richards. Prop styling, Jennifer Evans.

All images, Sian Richards. Prop styling, Jennifer Evans.

In order to get these three different looks we used painted canvases for two of the backdrops and then painted the shelves and walls in this room (Farrow & Ball - Hague Blue) to get the shot above. All of the tables, chairs, lamps, dishes and vases were brought in for the shoot. The only things that was native to the loft was the architectural models and books seen above. I like the fact that they give a bit more of a story to the images.