sugar cookies, birthdays and icicles

If you live in Ontario than you know we were hit with a big ice storm over the weekend. We lost a few branches off of the tree in front of our house and one is precariously dangling over the hydro lines. Luckily we still have power. An ice storm is beautiful to behold - everything is covered in a thick layer of crystal ice -  but devastating in its wrath. The roads are like skating rinks and venturing out is not advised. BIB_kakfika-20

With the Christmas presents all wrapped there's nothing better to do than keep baking. Today I'm going to make my absolutely fail-proof Sugar Cookie recipe. Originally published on The Kitchn I have made it numerous times and the dough is always super easy to roll and re-roll over and over again. It never gets crumbly or too sticky. It's a surefire winner.


Henry (today is his birthday - the night before the night before Christmas as he likes to say to me) can't wait to start decorating a few. I love the idea of using an old cut glass to make imprints in rounds of cookie dough (see first photo) but I also might try my hand at icing a few. Perfect for an afternoon fika. I'll share our successes (and failures) on Instagram.


Also don't forget today is the last day to enter the giveaway for an Alanna Cavanagh print. I'll announce the winner tomorrow.

Happy baking everyone!

Image credits:
1 & 3 - Babes in Boyland
2 - Kristin Rosenau - Flickr