succulents in painted pots

When will it end? Definitely the question on everyone's mind this winter in Toronto. It's been a long, drawn out season and I think even the winter-loving among us (of which I count myself as one) are ready to move on to spring. succulents-2

I've been dying to add some new plants to my house but the cold weather has made me pause. I fear bringing anything living outside at the moment even if it is just for a short car ride.


Regardless I did pick up a few small succulents. I needed something to remind me that spring is around the corner. I've filled a sunny spot in my kitchen with them.

succulents-5 A quick lick of white paint around the tops of the terracotta pots gave them a bit more character. It's also super simple and fast which is about my speed these days!


They seem to be doing remarkably well even with an outside door nearby. Fingers crossed they are a sign of more green things to come.

Oh and Happy St. Patrick's Day! (A good day for a green post.)