spring cleaning

It's not all decorating and design over here at The Marion House.... This weekend, the two things I was most proud of were cleaning my shower head and repotting the plant in our bedroom. I have been meaning to do both of these things for a really long time.

I hate to say it, but the shower head in our bathroom has been needing a good clean since we moved in here two years ago. This is what it looked like:

Kind of gross...those are calcium deposits caused by hard water.

To remove them you have to soak your shower head in either a chemical cleaner which will do the job quickly but not be very good for the environment or use vinegar. The results look something like this:

There are a few rusty looking spots remaining probably due to the fact that it wasn't cleaned for so long but what a difference! Very satisfying.

My other weekend project involved rescuing the poor fig plant (ficus lyrata) that resides in our bedroom. I bought this plant in the middle of winter for a steal. I knew from the moment I bought it that it needed to be repotted but I waited until spring when the weather was warmer and I could do it outside. Here is what it looked like in its tiny, sad pot:

When I removed it from the pot you could see how root bound it was.

When repotting a plant, you want to use a pot that is about one size bigger than what it was previous in. If it is root bound, like mine was, you can break up or loosen the roots. Finally, you want to repot the plant at about the same height it was potted before.

Little hands like to help and get dirty.

The final result. I think the fig plant is much happier in its roomier home.