sponsored post: 3M couple speak

I don't know about you but I find DIY projects really bring out our true selves. Around here, most of our projects start with an idea (usually mine) followed by a lengthy discussion of how much it is going to cost, who is going to do the actual labour (usually my husband) and how much time is it going to take. Take our recent bedroom renovation for example. The division of labor went something like this:

And of course, being the person I am, it was often interrupted by remarks like, "make sure you don't get any on the trim" and "it's really hard to get paint off our oiled, wood floors" which really meant make sure you take the time to tape off everything before you start!

Well, now it's your turn to share some of those moments for a chance to win $5000 (which let's face it could go a long way to renovating a entire room in your house.) 3m which makes such useful products as ScotchBlue tape and Leadcheck swabs is hosting a contest asking you for your best Couple Speak moment.

The idea is to make a short video (no longer than 2 minutes) that illustrates one of those times when what you said is not really what you meant. The contest lives on the 3M Frameworks facebook page which is the home of 3M's suite of home improvement products such as Scotch Blue Tape, LeadCheck, 3M TEKK protection, Abrasives and Tough Duct Tape.

The video should be about one of your DIY projects so it's ok if it has a DIY style and it shouldn't feature any 3M products because they're hoping if you used 3M products you wouldn't be in this kind of pickle. It should be humorous and keep it clean!

To get an idea of what they're looking for check out this video:

Get the idea? There are lots of other example videos you can check out here on the Couple Speak facebook site. To recap your video should be:

  • no longer than 2 minutes
  • about home improvement
  • funny and clean!
  • feature no 3m products

And if you're looking for a little extra money you can also enter 3M's translation sweepstakes that selects a winner every week to win a $250 prize. All you have to do is submit a CoupleSpeak translation on the same tab in the Facebook page. Kind of like I did above. Easy Peasy! Don't delay, that much needed money you want for your renovation is waiting for you. Enter now!

And please, feel free to share this contest on twitter or facebook with your friends.