some recent vintage finds

I admit it my heart skips a few beats every time I walk into a flea market or vintage store. Unlike regular stores you never know what you are going to find. Out of the way markets are my favourite - something beyond the city limits, off the beaten path. I found such a place a few weeks ago and walked away with these two treasures. vintage-2

I almost walked by this round copper mirror on a chain. In fact, I was in the process of buying a piece of pottery when the metallic glint caught my eye. I reached down and found this charming mirror with a $25 price tag on it. Sold! The copper has a lovely patina. The mirror on the other hand has seen better days. I'm toying with the idea of replacing it.


My second purchase were these handmade wood candlesticks. They were a steal at $1.50 each. The name on the bottom Vammalan Puusorvaamo, Valno Ojala suggests they were made by a Finnish craftsperson? I love how tall and elegant they are and how they get quite thin and delicate in parts. Any hints on their origin would be much appreciated!