so busy

I honestly thought if I could make it through what was a crazy, hectic January that February would be a breeze. Boy, was I wrong. February is turning into a even busier month than January.

This weekend we prepared the house for another photoshoot with a local Toronto magazine. I've photographed my own house so many times and know every square inch of it so well that it is always interesting to see it through a professional's eyes. Plus I love the excuse to fill my house with flowers especially in these long winter months.

Also our design studio, Marion Melbourne, is  in the midst of a very interesting project with a Brooklyn based design and event company. I can't say much at the moment just that it all goes down next week and is consuming every second of our time at the moment.

It's sometimes very easy to forget that I am almost six months pregnant. My schedule is busier now than it has ever been. Every now and then my little girl gives me a good kick to remind me that she is there. I think she's going to be quite a feisty one!

At some point soon, I will have to get started on Henry's new room. I have lots of ideas but nothing is certain yet. It might be a rush to the finish line much like every thing else in my life right now.