Slow Start

It's been a bit of a slow start for me this year. Between the kids and husband getting sick plus various other commitments the days in January are flying by but with not much to show for it. I guess everyday life is just taking up more time than normal right now. (I wish I could tell you I've been busy painting my walls and redecorating my house!)

I've been taking stock of my closets and cabinets on a daily basis. If something doesn't bring me joy it is quickly regulated to a pile. As a result, I have a couple holes I need to fill. After I got rid of all of our mismatched water glasses I realized we were actually short on glassware. I restocked our Duralex Piacrdie glasses and added a few different sizes. (Note: I ordered them from the Hudson's Bay online and they arrived the next day. So fast. And no, the Hudson's Bay did not pay me to say that. I was just really impressed with their service.)

The next thing I need to stock up on is coffee mugs. I've spent hours searching for perfect, simple white mugs but have found few that I like. I'm now starting to look beyond white. Here's what I've found to date. I'm open to suggestions.