resolutions - check-in time

We're just passed the three month mark of 2011 so I think it's a good time to take a step back and look at those resolutions I made back in January. I find checking in periodically keeps me focused and helps me to actually obtain my goals. I hate to say this, but I can't even remember all the resolutions I made. It will be interesting to go through this list again!

1. Continue taking my adult ballet classes.

Well, I'm off to a good start! I did sign up for another semester of ballet and I love it. I actually didn't realize how much I appreciated it until I read this post by Joslyn over at Simple Lovely. She has just started taking ballet classes and she wrote a post about how mentally challenging ballet is. She is absolutely right! Ballet requires not only coordination and physical exertion but absolute concentration as well, otherwise you will be pirouetting when you should be plieing or glisseing when you should be sauteing. It dawned on me that my ballet class is one of the few times each week when I am absolutely in the moment. I'm not thinking about what's for dinner or which colour to paint my bedroom or how much work I have to do. I'm just there in the moment, dancing, which is pure joy.

2. Go to some blogging or design conferences.

This is something I'd still like to achieve this year. Unfortunately, I signed up too late for Blogfest 2011 which is taking place in May in New York City. I'm on the waiting list but I'm really not very hopeful. My good friend Liz however just brought to my attention another blogging conference happening in August in San Francisco called the Conference of Creative Entrepreneurs. It has a great lineup of speakers plus it is in California. Something's telling me I can't go wrong!

3. Appreciate what I already have.

Since starting my year long project, 52 Objects, I'm starting to get a better idea of what it is I already have and what it is I appreciate. I have to admit that sometimes when I'm looking around my house for things to add to this list I forget about the initial reason I started this project. I think a lot of it comes back to this idea of consumption. Why do we buy the things we do and where does it all end up? I'm trying to be more mindful of the new things I bring into my house in the hopes that the pieces I choose will be things I have for a long time. Often that comes down to buying quality and handmade over mass produced.

4. Decorate the front hallway.

Done and done! And I have to say that I'm rather proud of myself for following my above intentions. Both the console table and mirror are reclaimed, one of a kind pieces that I am happy to have in my home.

5. Take the time to do a family activity each weekend.

We're not doing badly on this one considering how incredibly busy we've been. Sometimes, the activities are kind of banal like cleaning the car (which we did on the weekend) but I think it is all in how you approach the activity. Henry couldn't have been more delighted with the big, powerful vacuum at the do-it-yourself cleaning garage and he could hardly contain himself when it came to actually washing the car. Seeing the smiles on his face and watching him get pleasure out of such a simple activity was more than enough to make me happy. (Plus we have a clean car!)

6. Start eating some protein for breakfast.

Fail, fail, fail, miserable fail. Whenever I get busy the first thing that goes for me is taking the time to eat breakfast. I'd much rather steal another 15 minutes in bed than take the time to make myself a decent meal. Inevitably, I end up having a coffee and a muffin later in the morning. I definitely need help in committing to this resolution.

7. Drink more green tea.

See above.

8. Get to work on our front garden

The season is fast approaching when this could become a reality. I just don't know how much steam I will have left when I finish our bedroom.

9. Get to know and use twitter more.

I've been trying and I think I made a really concerted effort in January. Once again, whenever I get busy this tends to slide which I think is OK. Networking is hard work and I really admire those people who make it look so effortless.

10. Take some fashion risks.

I've picked up a few things for spring that I can't wait to wear including this dress and this top. I also acquired this vintage Comme des Garcon dress which will take some guts to wear. It's a deconstructed, long black voluminous dress with a tightly-fitted ruched bodice. The most unusual things about it is that the dress is sewn together at the bottom with only two small holes cut out for my legs. In other words, it's sort of like putting your legs through an armless sweater. It looks pretty cool on but I will definitely have to wear it with confidence. It's not for the fashion faint of heart!

There we have it. Definitely, still a few things I need to work on and maybe it's even time to add a few new things on to the list. How are your resolutions coming along?

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