rain, rain go away

If you haven't heard we had a major rain storm in Toronto the other day. We had some minor flooding in the basement and last night we were without power for seven hours. In fact, we've had nothing but rain all summer. I'm one step away from building an ark (or moving to Arizona). Everything is damp and soggy and feels like it could grow legs and walk away. I've taken some of my own advice and rolled up my wool rugs and sent them off for cleaning. (Also helps with my July resolutions!) I've also sent all my wool blankets to dry cleaning and packed away my kilim cushions. a15416f803d1e2022db23673f9b72a18

The house feels so much better with bare floors and stripped back accessories. Now if only the sun would come out!

Did you get hit by the storm?

Image credit:
Ariel Remer