put on your wellies

Last week, I mentioned that lately I've been drawn to images of large country houses that have that lived in, bohemian feeling where old and new come together in surprising ways. The places I'm inspired by are ones where nothing seems too precious. Children and pets cavort over worn kilim rugs, past century old antiques to a warm farmhouse kitchen. It's all about the mix where your history is proudly on display but contrasted with some recent finds. The Brits are very good at doing this perhaps because their country lifestyle where horses, dogs, children and wet weather mingle together demands it.

There seems to be a trend towards all things British at the moment, especially in fashion. On Vogue's website last week, they reported on the sudden rise in popularity of the classic English Barbour coat. Apparently, Alexa Chung and one of Sting's daughters have been wearing them.

On the same site, they had an article about an eco-escape to the English country side complete with a visit to an authentic, environmentally friendly refurbished castle. All of this is to say that if it's happening in fashion we can probably expect to see some form of it in interiors soon as well. The question is what form will it take?

What do you think, will this be the trend to watch in 2011?

All images by Francois Halard.