pinterest faves

Do you have favorite people you follow on pinterest? Some just seem to have a knack for finding the most amazing things and then organizing them in an equally astonishing manner. Below are a few of my favorite pinners. Picture 7Trish Papdakos knows a good thing when she sees it. Her impeccable taste and keen eye is on display on her pinterest boards. The above image is from her Colour board. If you're looking for more of Trish's unique look and style you should check out her store trishandco.

Picture 9

If you have a young child you might know Julia Morstad's name. She's an illustrator of children's books among other things. (My favourite of her's is the book When You Were Small about a boy named Henry.) Her Pintertest boards are out of this world particularly if you like drawing. The image above is from her board on Pattern.

Picture 10Ann Marie Favot is an editor here in Toronto who works at Style at Home Magazine. Most of her boards are organized by colour and they are so inspiring to look through. If you need a creative jolt check her boards out. The one above is from her board Navy.

Picture 11Last on the list and the only non-Canadian of the group is Chloe Garcia Ponce. Her boards are magical and mystical - full of moon goddesses and spirits of the forest. If you're in the mood for something completely different give her boards a try. The image above is from her board Balanced Compositions.

Do you have any favourite pinners? I'd love to hear...I feel like there might be a whole world out there I'm missing out on!