paper love

I'm kinda into paper lately. It all started when I switched out the light in our dining room for a Noguchi lantern. I've wanted one of these light sculptures for a long time and I finally treated myself to it over Christmas. It's the first step in some big changes for this room which will unfold slowly over the next year. (I'm not into rushing my renovations anymore!) You might notice that the table is also new. A friend of mine actually whipped this up one afternoon after I told him that I needed a bigger table for a New Year's Eve party I was throwing. He agreed to make it if I gave it back to him come summer time. We'll see! I've grown quite accustom to having a bigger table surface.

I also added a couple of Too Fifteen products to my house. Too Fifteen is a new company started by Toronto sisters Ashley Botten and Nina Jones. The products are made from Tyvek which is pretty amazing material that looks, feels and crumples like paper but is actually super strong. It's one of those products that gets better with age. The more you use it and love it, the softer and more personal it becomes.

I've been using this pouch for my personal things. It's still pretty stiff and not showing many wrinkles yet.

I also added a larger bin to our washroom. It's the perfect place to collect laundry as my kids strip off their clothes before getting in the bath. I love the soft side which means I can just tuck behind the claw foot tub when we don't need it.