paint it white

Have you ever dreamed of just painting everything in your house white? I'm talking floors, walls, furniture, - the whole kit and caboodle. Picture 7 Every time I see a house like this I want to run to the nearest hardware store and stock up on white paint. It just looks so simple and stunning.

Picture 5

Whatever you put in the room just comes to life as the walls, floors and ceilings blend into one.

Picture 8Organic touches like stacks of wood and vintage tables pop against the white. Artwork also takes centre stage.

Picture 6Of course being blessed with beautiful mouldings and period details helps bring the monochromatic look to life.

Picture 9Driftwood inspired wood drawers, a farmhouse sink and a white painted brick wall bring texture and interest to this kitchen.

Picture 3

I'd be happy with those chevron floors and that stunning rectangular sky light.

Picture 1

A modern sink sits on top of a repurposed chest of drawers in a pale lilac colour. I'd even paint this beadboard white.

Picture 2Upstairs pale blush walls are a nice contrast to the pale seafoam green bedding.

In fact this home reminds me very much of one of my other favourite homes - the one belonging to photographer Paul Massey. I even had to so a side by side comparison. I thought perhaps it had just been redecorated but I think they are indeed to two different homes.

What do you think? Could you go all white?

Photo credit:
Light Locations