outfit breakdown

Sometimes I marvel at what people can pull together. Case in point, this outfit. style-1

At first look, it's all effortless, layered goodness. Take a closer look. This woman is wearing one coat, a sweater, a camisole and a velvet blazer and not in the order you would expect. Makes me think I could be reinventing my entire closet if I just reversed the order of a few things.

Speaking of my closet, the only thing I want to add to it for spring (so far) are these shoes.

939cce2cdcaa1d1217859e565fd5dd28I've had this image pinned to my office wall since I first saw it in the J.Crew catalog. I just can't decide what colour to get. What do you think - alpine blue, neon citrus or neon mango?

Image credits:
The Sartorialist