orla's birth announcement

You're probably like me and never win anything. It doesn't matter how many contests I enter I never seem to come out the bearer of the prize. That was, until I entered a giveaway on the Bloesem Kids blog. Lo and behold, my name was selected. And what did I win? Beautiful, custom, letter-pressed birth announcements from Egg Press in Portland, Oregon. The timing couldn't have been better!

I chose the Climbing Buds design in yellow (for my golden girl) with grey type in Futura font. The people over at Egg Press were a pleasure to work with.

Egg Press was started in 1999 by Tess Darrow and has since been called upon by companies like Nike, Herman Miller, MoMA and Apple to design things for them. If you're looking for custom letter press work or in-stock cards and stationery you should have a peek at their work.

I never got around to doing birth announcements with Henry so I'm very happy to have these. With email and facebook becoming our main avenues of communication it seems handing out cards like these is becoming rarer and rarer. Did you hand out birth announcements for your children? Is it something you would consider doing?