one of a kind show -top three picks

As promised earlier today, below are my top three picks for what to look out for at The One of a Kind Show in Toronto this year.Top Pick #1 - Ceramik B.

Basma Osama's porcelain ceramics made under the name Ceramik B. are absolute perfection. This minimalist collection of bowls, plates, cups, and platters produced in a limited colour palette just begs to be touched and held. I think part of the beauty of these forms is seeing how the organic shapes work together in stacks and layers. These are the kinds of housewares you want to buy in multiples and have displayed on an open shelf in your kitchen. They are too beautiful and sensuous to be hidden away behind cabinet doors. I think I might start with the cups and grow my collection from there. A definite must-see at The One of a Kind Show. Top Pick #2 - Felt Factory

Felt Factory has one of the smaller booths at The One of a Kind Show but that doesn't stop them from delivering a powerful punch. As part of the Rising Star's portion of the show, Sabine Alpers, the woman behind these Faux Fauna, is a first time presenter. Her whimsical, felted trophy heads mounted on logs are a playful poke at traditional taxidermy. All vegetarian friendly! Her menagerie includes everything from bison to sheep to unicorns. It's worth taking a look at her beautifully designed website to see the names she gives to each of these creatures!

Top Pick #3 - Patouche

My final pick for this year's One of a Kind Show is the children's clothing line Patouche. Kessa Laxton, the woman behind these imaginative coats, hats, capes, and booties started this company in her kitchen sewing clothes for her own children. She now sells in retailers across Canada, the United States, and Europe. Her clothes have an old world elegance and recall the stories and fables we all grew up with. There are little red riding capes, pirate hats, tweed coats, bonnets and booties for your little ones. Clothes that both parents and children can delight in. I'm definitely heading back to pick up a pirate hat for Henry.

Again, if you can't make it to The One of a Kind Show in Toronto be sure to check out the websites of each of these artisans. Almost all have an online store where you can purchase their products. As the holiday season approaches, it's great to keep these independent retailers in mind. Wouldn't you like to receive something that has been crafted out of love and dreams?