not so ordinary weekend

I'll admit that most of the time our weekends are pretty mundane. We go grocery shopping, we do the laundry, we might rent a few movies or go on a walk but generally we stay close to home and just get ourselves prepared for the coming week. But every now and then we have a weekend that is completely out of our routine. It all started out with this chocolate banana bread I made a little earlier in the week. It sort of set the tone for a weekend that would be surrounded by friends, delicious food, and all around goodness.

We woke up Saturday morning to a house full of old friends who were visiting us from Ithaca, New York. (Well, there was one new face - only four months old - that we were happy to finally lay eyes on.) Our day of good eating started off with some Butter Pecan French Toast with Blueberry Syrup and lots of warm coffee.

We then ventured out into the city and hit the stores along Queen Street - shopping and eating our way throughout the afternoon. When it was time to bring the kids home to nap many of us adults did the same thing as we knew we had a long night ahead of us. It started with a fundraiser at Type book store for Another Ventriloquist a book by Adam Penn Gilders that is being published posthumously by J&L books this Spring. It had possibly the best vintage clothes sale I have ever seen. I walked away with a Marc Jacobs top and dress and my friend picked up a pair of Helmut Lang pants and a pair of Rag and Bone jeans for the total price of $65. All in the name of charity, of course!

We then ventured west and went for dinner at Cowbell a local haunt I wish we frequented more often. The food was impeccable (charcuterie plate, winter salad, sweetbreads, smoked smelt, tarte tatin, and chocolate brownie were a few of the delicious items we tried.) After we closed the restaurant down, we stumbled two doors down to Parts & Labour and heard the Vancouver band Ladyhawke play.

(bad iphone photos!)

Sunday morning came fast and we spent it just lounging around at home enjoying each other's company and not rushing to do laundry or make grocery lists. In the afternoon, we headed out to Queen Street again and stopped in at the Love and Rummage trunk show at The Workroom where some of my favorite Parkdalian and Toronto vendors were holding court. Liz from The Arthur was there and I was happy to finally put a face to Anabela of Fieldguided.

So, I'm beginning this week with an empty fridge and a pile of dirty laundry but a heart full of inspiration and friendship. I wouldn't change a thing. And you know what I realized when I hopped into bed, almost everything we did this weekend was within a 10-15 minute walk from our house. Now, that's a good neighbourhood.

I'll be back here on Wednesday with a very special giveaway to celebrate my first anniversary of year already! I think you're going to like it.