new linen closet revealed

I found it! The perfect linen closet for our small space. It's a vintage oak piece with glass upper doors and closed storage below. The perfect combination. I found it at a store here in Toronto called Smash that specializes in found and reclaimed pieces. IMG_6527

It needs a bit of love and care but on the whole I think it has a lovely patina and looks like it was meant for the space. When I pulled my tape measure out in the store I couldn't believe how perfectly it fit. I have been looking for a piece that would work here for some time and feel so fortunate to call this beauty my own.

IMG_6537And what a difference it makes psychologically to walk up the stairs and not be greeted by a mess. I'm absolutely amazed what a little organization and tidiness can do for my peace of mind. I truly feel calmer and more composed just seeing this small area of my home under control.IMG_6534

And of course I had a good purge of linens and materials I haven't used in months (sometimes years) before I put it all back in. I'm happy, very happy. Now if only I could learn how to fold a fitted sheet!