new kilim rug in hallway

You might remember that I told you a few weeks ago that we had a new kilim rug in our hallway due to the old one being moved up to Henry's room. New is probably not the right word as this carpet has been lying around in our basement for at least a year or so waiting for its rightful home. I actually purchased all three of the kilim rugs in our house (there's one in Henry's room , one in the dining room, and now this one in the hallway) at the same time at the St Lawrence Antique Market in Toronto. I paid just over $300 for all of them - an absolute steal - if you ask me.

This rug is a bit more vibrant than the one than use to reside here. However, I'm finding it really brings out the colours in the stained glass transom above our front door. I find myself delighting in its cheerfulness every time I walk down the stairs.

And here is a little before shot to remind you of what the hallway looked like with the other kilim rug.

A welcome change! Wouldn't you agree?

Image Credits:
1 - The Marion House Book
2 - Kristin Sjaarda