my week off and a winner!

Last week was my official long goodbye to summer. It's bittersweet letting go of the freedom and lightness that comes with these warmer months. Of course, Mother Nature blessed us with the goodness of Fall probably as a way to ease us into the harder Winter months. How can you not excited about chunky sweaters, scarves, boots and all of those delicious soups and stews that you haven't made for at least six months.

Of course, we marked the end of summer with a family getaway that included grandparents, cousins and sisters. It was a time for our family which stretches across Canada from one ocean to the other to see each other and reconnect. It was a truly Canadian experience with campfires and marshmallows, canoe rides, lake swimming, loon calls, and forest walks.

While I love exploring other countries you can't deny the beauty of the Canadian landscape. There's a reason why as a nation we are so connected to our land. The other great thing about escaping to the wilderness is there is nothing you feel you should do; no restaurants to try nor museums to visit nor things to buy nor places of interest to visit. Don't get me wrong, I love doing these things but every now and then you just need a vacation where you completely switch off and just be. I'm totally feeling re-energized and grounded and ready to take on Fall!

Now, on to the winner of the print giveaway from Pure Green Magazine. Congratulations Crystal, you have chosen the leaf guide print as your prize.

I'll be back here in a few hours with another giveaway! I's been giveaway crazy around here lately!