my sad linen closet

Okay, here it is my sad excuse for a linen closet. This is a section of my house I have never shown before on the blog and now you know why! There is nothing pretty about it. linen closet-1

When we moved into our home five years ago we spent all of our money fixing up the kitchen, plastering walls and refinishing the floor. By the time it came to purchasing furniture we were pretty much tapped out. At the time, all we could afford was this measly 18 inch wide cabinet from Ikea. From the beginning, it has never been enough storage space. Remember, we're living in narrow Victorian home with a grand total of three closets in the whole house (one of which is downstairs!). Over time I've tried to dress up the other side of the leaning closet to some effect but as you can see it eventually just becomes a dumping ground for more stuff.

linen closet-2

To make matters worse, this is essentially the first sight you see when you round the corner at the top of the stairs. Psychologically it's draining. For five years, it has been an eyesore and I've finally had enough!

The good news is that we actually have quite a bit of space in this little corner of our house. It's just shy of five feet long and about two feet deep. I'm thinking the best solution would be to find a piece of furniture to fill the space. The task is finding something that uses the space efficiently, gives us ample storage and looks good. It also can't break the bank.

vintage green linen

I love the look of this vintage seafoam green cabinet but I think it would have to be twice as tall. Although I really love the idea of having another tabletop to decorate! Practically it could be somewhere I fold laundry but somehow I doubt that would happen.

rolling rack

This vintage bread rack also looks great and if I was just storing towels it is something I would consider. Unfortunately, I have sheets, blankets, pillowcases, pillows, duvets, throws and baby blankets to store so I think I need something with some closed storage space.

white linen closet

Something like this is probably more practical. Look at all those linens she has stored away in there! Not sure if I could work with all glass doors though. For one thing, it means your linens always have to look neat and tidy. Colour coordinated also helps!

Hmm...this might be tougher than I thought but I'm determined to find something...wish me luck! And send me your suggestions, ideas thoughts! How do you deal with all your linens?

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