My Daughter's Bedroom - Final touches

My daughter's room is slowly coming together. We took these photos last night as the light was starting to fade. Most of the main elements are in place but there is still some work to do to pull it all together. For now, she is quite happy to be in her pink bedroom with all of her favourite things around her.

We decided on a queen bed (perfect for future sleepovers) for her room with storage drawers underneath. The bed is a modern take on the classic wrought-iron bed with a lattice-work headboard. The rug is from Baba Souk which never lets me down when I'm looking for something original and vintage for a room. The owner, Stephanie regularly travels to Morocco to stock her Montreal-based online store and her eye is incredible. This super-soft rug is like the cousin of the very popular Beni Ourain except it has hits of soft colours within the diamond patterns. 

The chair and light are from the new VIKTIGT collection from IKEA. Many of the pieces in this collection are made by hand from natural, woven materials. I love the warm, organic element they bring into the space.

This narrow shelving unit gave us a place to store some of my daughter's toys and favourite books. The baskets are also part of the above mentioned VIKTIGT Collection and fit perfectly underneath. 

We call this little area the cat corner. My daughter has an ever-growing collection of them! 

We combined a mix of pillows and linens to give the bed a layered look. Both of my kids have thin, vintage Kantha blankets at the foot of their beds which we use in the summer when it becomes too hot for duvets. What's missing is obviously some art or wall-hanging for over the bed. We have plaster walls in our house and have had a very hard time hanging anything heavy on them (no matter what time of wall anchors we try!) More than once we have been woken in the night to the sounds of art or mirrors crashing to the ground. If anyone has any suggestions, I'd love to hear.