my apologies

Happy Valentine's Day! I have some major apologizing to do. I have been having some issues with my blog over the weekend. As you might know, the site has been down and not working well. Last night, I logged on to find all of my comments had disappeared including the ones for the giveaway! This morning, they managed to locate an earlier version of my blog with all the comments in tact and they have restored that version. Unfortunately, that means that I have lost about 30 or so comments. I'm so sorry. If you left a comment on the weekend please do so again especially if it was for the giveaway. I really hope these issues are behind me now.

The other thing I lost in the shuffle was this morning's post. I'm going to redo that shortly and put it back up for you.

Thanks for your patience while I get these things sorted out. Hopefully, The Marion House will be back in good order shortly.