my air plants have a home

You might have noticed in my last post that I have found a home for my new air plants. I was inspired by a window display I saw at a local florist in Toronto called Sweet Peas. They had strategically placed a selection of different air plants in the nooks and crannies of a tree in their front window. Something about it reminded me of the manzanita branch I have on our dining room table.

When I came home, I gathered up all my lovely, spiky epiphyte's and placed them into the branch. They immediately looked at home and much more comfortable! The smooth desert-like branch seemed a fitting place for them.

These plants are extremely easy to care for but do require some attention. I mist the smaller ones about twice a week and the larger one which I keep in a glass bowl gets submerged at least once a week.

I've noticed air plants popping up all over the place lately but my favorite display has definitely been in Jennifer Sarkilahti's home. Jennifer is the talented designer behind the Odette jewellery line which I also happen to love.

The sage green colour of the air plants works so well in her soft peach, pink and dove grey home. If you haven't checked out her home tour over on Design Sponge you should have a peek! It's an absolute delight.

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Image credit:
Jennifer's home - Lena Corwin