moodboard - flower power

Friends, I think I'm getting there. I feel like I can almost hold my head above water now. The new routine of waking up early, getting the kids dressed and fed, commuting to work and then coming home after a super busy day is finally starting to feel normal. As one person commented to me this week it's really just about getting use to a new schedule. Of course, we've been aided by a small village. Grandparents, friends and even strangers have all lent a hand in the past month and made the transition easier. Next week my plan is to try and serve more than just soup for dinner! march moodboard-1Somewhere in this mix I managed to shoot a moodboard for HGTV. I was aiming for bright and bold florals but somehow ended up with a moodier, romantic palette. I blame it on April showers. I don't know what it is like where you live but here it has been nothing but grey.

Have any of you made a new start lately? How are you working through the transition?