Mini summer road trips in Ontario

One of the things I look forward to each summer is mini-weekend road trips. The goal is usually a day at the beach with lots of refreshing lake swimming. It’s a welcome escape from the heat and the city. Sometimes we head north to Prince Edward County but often we find ourselves on the shores of Lake Huron with its Caribbean blue waters and soft sand.

Last week I had the opportunity to take a road trip with my family (minus our seven year-old son who was busy elsewhere) courtesy of Ford Canada. They asked us if we’d like to test drive a Ford Flex. To be honest, the timing couldn’t have been better. Our car, an old Subaru Forester, has been in for repairs and we’ve been starting to cast our eyes elsewhere for our next car.

Of course, there is no comparison between our 10 year-old car and a brand new fully-loaded one. Having air conditioning alone was a bonus not to mention that the Flex actually has air conditioned leather seats – the luxury. The biggest surprise for me though was how well the Flex drove and maneuvered. It’s a big, roomy car and yet it feels like a super darty, little hatchback. I had no problem getting around the busy streets of Toronto or parking it in tight spots especially because of the active park assist which uses ultrasonic sensors to identify a suitable parallel parking spot, calculate the trajectory and automatically steer the car into the space. On the highway, it’s a dream. It accelerates quickly and the ride is quiet and smooth.

Giving it up the next day wasn’t easy but I’m super grateful for the experience and above all that we got to spend a day at the beach with our daughter. The fact the Flex is made just down the road in Oakville, Canada is also pretty cool. For now, it’s back to our old clunker. I just hope it makes it through the summer as we’ve got at least three more road trips planned before it’s back to school.