messing around

After an extremely busy week I found myself alone in the house on Saturday with a couple of free hours. Most sane people probably would have put up their feet or cracked open a good book but instead I hauled out my camera and tripod and set up a couple of shots I wanted to experiment with.

I bought this small writing desk a couple of weeks ago and I've been waiting for the moment when I had some time to dress it up. Normally it resides in our bay window but for the sake of taking some photographs I moved it against the black wall in our kitchen. (Everything looks better against this wall and shooting into the sun is never a good idea!)

And since I had the time I went all out and put things up on the wall, under the desk, etc. Perhaps it's a little strange but I take great pleasure in creating little moments like this. I run around the house finding props, moving things in and out of the frame and snapping photographs.

I've decided that this writing desk is the perfect place to display some of the beach treasures I have collected over the years. There are pieces of driftwood, twigs, rocks, shells, and bones. I find all of these things look better if they're shown in one place rather than scattered all over the house. When my husband returned from grocery shopping he was a little shocked to see a corner of our kitchen turned into a makeshift set but in a matter of moments we had the desk back in its spot in front of the window and the kraft paper off the wall. All in all a constructive few hours of my time!