may inspire into june

Can I just say I'm thrilled with all of the images we collected for May Inspire! From all around the country and the world you sent me photos of things that inspired you through the month of May. It's a veritable snap shot of Spring! Take a look at some of  the highlights. aa830a4cbf0011e2b95622000a9e01c5_7

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Thank you once again. I have to say that I do think apps like instagram really inspire us to find the beautiful in the everyday. If you haven't downloaded a camera app for your phone yet you might want to give it a try. You might be surprised at how addictive it is.

Now on to June. I can't say it is one I am looking forward to...getting back in shape. It's been a good two years (what with being pregnant and looking after a one year old) since I have done anything for my body. This isn't about losing weight or looking good but about strengthening my heart and muscles and feeling invigorated. First up...buying some new running shoes.