may inspire

How's your May going? Are you feeling inspired? Have you stopped to take in the beauty around you? Got outside? Tried something new? I'm doing my best. Giving myself the task of finding inspiration has been quite fun. It's almost like being on a treasure hunt looking at every turn for something I haven't seen before or simply seeing the everyday in a new way. A few of you have responded to my challenge to tag your inspiration with the hashtag #mayinspire. I wanted to share a few of those with you today and hope that a few more of you will add to the photos and tweets I have been collecting.

Picture 2


So brilliant, right? Thank you Larks Nest. Your instagram photos are always an inspiration.


Picture 3


Get outside! Fromaggi did with her family to see the cherry blossoms.

Picture 4She also laced up her runners and went for a run! More than I can say for my post baby workout regime.

Picture 7And finally one from me that I forgot to tag. I saw this great DIY towel rack at a 100 year old house on the weekend. All you need is a bamboo pole and a canvas tab!

I'd love to see what is inspiring you this May!