march - get organized probably saw this one coming. No year long list of resolutions would be complete without some sort of ode to organization and I've decided to dedicate March to this niggling task.  I'm a person that likes to be organized whether it's my closets or my appointments or my filing system. It's easier to find things and the days go by a little bit easier and a little bit quicker. (Nothing frustrates more than searching and searching for something I know I already own.)

However, I've learned that staying organized is an ongoing endeavor. It requires work and every now and then a complete overhaul. I think a lot of it has to do with controlling the amount of stuff we bring into our homes. There is a certain degree of ruthlessness that is required.


There are two specific areas that I am going to tackle this month. (Notice how I didn't use the word hope...these things are really going to happen!)

  • Our linen closet/area. More on this later but this is a smallish area of our home I have never shared before primarily because it is in shambles. I'm tired of having all the towels fall on my head every time I open the door and then shutting the door as quickly as possible so nothing else escapes. This month it's getting organized!
  • My office. I renovated this space a little while back and made some great improvements. Since then the amount of stuff in the small space has just grown and grown and it's beginning to look more like a storage locker than a creative and inspiring work room. I need to take back this space which will mean some adjustments. I have a great DIY idea for a new office table which I actually started on this weekend.

I'd also love to hear what things you use/do to keep yourself organized. Everything from computer programs (I like Teux Deux for daily lists) to daily rituals (leaving every room as you found it) to calendars to actual storage systems or products (I recently transferred all my dry good like rice, beans, pasta, nuts out of the original packaging into glass jars and I love it).

What do you do to stay organized? 

Image credits:
1 - Manolo Yllera
2. Mats Gustafson's Studio. Photos by Magnus Marding