make it look easy

To me the best homes have an easy elegance about them. They don't try to hard, they aren't over decorated and they never look completely finished (maybe because they aren't!) These homes looked lived in, loved and comfortable - very much like the home of landscape designer Miranda Brooks and architect, Bastien Halard. 10-miranda-brooks_164123209816



When Brooks and Halard started work on their house they made a conscious decision to approach each floor of their house with a different theme or nationality (the first floor is French, the second floor is English and the third floor is meant to evoke New York City). Take a look through these pictures and see if you can figure out which floor each room is on.





By the way, you might not have guessed it but this decidedly rural looking farm house is actually situated in Brooklyn, New York!


Image credits:
Francois Halard for Vogue