little vintage treasures

Harry is lucky enough to have a few vintage toys that his grandparents passed down to him. While he is still a little young to fully appreciate them I really cherish having these reminders of the past around. My favorite is a metal wind up toy with the name Rodeo Joe that was Harry's Grandpa's Christmas present in 1948. It loops around and around in concentric circles while tipping back and forth like a bucking bronco! It is completely unpredictable in its motions which makes it very fun to watch. Every now and then we pull it off the shelf and wind it up. In the background, you can see that he also has a handmade, knitted doll dressed up as an army soldier. This is Billy who was made for Harry's Grandpa in 1941 as a reminder of his own father who was at war. It was knitted by Harry's great Granny.

This wooden pull toy was found by Harry's aunt just after he was born.

Just recently, Harry discovered how much fun this toy is to play with. We often find him pulling it along behind him up and down the hallway. The pig's little arms move up and down striking the xylophone in front of him. Does anyone know where this toy may have come from? Do they still make them?