kitchen art

Do you know how this blog came into being? I was just wrapping up my first maternity leave with my son Henry and had effectively spent a year happily trapped inside my home. While babies are an immense amount of work there are also long stretches throughout each day (on walks, tip toeing around the house) when all you can do is let your mind wander. (You don't dare wash the dishes or clean the house for fear of waking the baby)! Our house effectively became a home during that first maternity leave when I finally had time to think about what I really wanted it to look like. Well, my mind is starting to wander again...

First up is a quick turnaround in our kitchen. I was getting a little tired of the vignette I had created months ago on our East wall and decided it was time for a change.

I switched out the artwork and added in some vintage books along with a collection of cookbooks.

I also added in this wood bowl my parents brought me back from South Africa. I find that the blue-black wall in our kitchen really looks beautiful when I contrast the wood against it.

I've also come across two original Gaetano Sciolari Lucite Baton chandeliers as pictured bottom right. This kitchen by British designer Rose Uniacke has been in my inspiration folder forever. I love how she integrates art and objects into the room making it seem somehow less kitchen like. And of course, there is that stunning Sciolari chandelier which seems to just electrify the space.

Question I purchase the two Sciolari lights I found and replace the West Elm Globe Lights I already have?

Image Credits:
1-2 - Emma Reddington
3 - Rose Uniacke photos by Andreas von Einseidel
4 - Kristin Sjaarda