kids anchor party

Over the weekend we celebrated Henry's birthday party. This year I planned an Anchors Aweigh party. Below are some of the things I pulled together for the celebration. Anchorsaweighb


It all started when I stumbled upon this jaunty striped shirt. I thought a sailor theme with an emphasis on the anchor would be a great idea for a kids birthday party. I ran it past Henry and he was (wait for it) on board!

The colour palette was obvious - red, white and blue. I decided to pick up a white sailor hat for each of the kids so they would feel part of the adventure.

I like having some kind of craft the kids can do that they can also walk away from the party with. I saw these rope hook bracelets and thought they would be a hit with both the boys and the girls. I was right although they were a bit complicated to make for the age level.  We used small "S" hook carabiners instead of the more dangerous fish hook-like clasps in the photo.

Finally, I found these great temporary tattoos by Canadian Brooklyn based company Tattly. I ordered a whole bunch for the loot bags but alas they didn't arrive in time. I guess our family will be sporting naval tattoos at the Christmas table this year!