inspired by - hexagon floor tile

If I were to rip out my floors tomorrow (specifically in the kitchen but maybe in the bathroom as well) I would put in hexagon tile floors. And not the small 1 inch by 1 inch tiles we typically see but lovely large ones in a range of colours. rue-vignon-dining-room-horizontalThis 18th century house in Paris used tiles from a demolished 7th floor to fill in the gaps in this dining room designed by architect Michael Herrman. I love the random pattern.

lolitaswedenblogThis was one of the first interiors that really made me take notice of hexagon tiles. This is artist Cy Twombly's Roman home originally shot for Vogue Magazine in 1966.

hexagontilefloors2Here black and white tiles play up the mix of patterns happening in this eclectic room.

aumas-islandI'm not sure whether it's the hexagon floor tiles I love in this kitchen or the black wall with a hint of green. Such a good colour! Also, if you love the idea of a marble waterfall countertop but can't afford the slabs using square marble tiles like on this island would be a more affordable option.

hexagontilefloors1The neutral colour scheme of these tile floors is very appealing. However, I prefer the random arrangement of tile over this organized pattern which comes across as too organized for me!

What do you think? Are you a fan of these hexagonal tile floors? 

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