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I'm beating the sweltering heat in Toronto by sequestering myself inside with my computer. Here are a few things that are inspiring me at the moment. This furniture from Casa Midy, in particular this desk and chair with the diagonal strapping. And how about that once-loved house with the paisley wall covering? What I wouldn't do to get my hands on a place like this.

Speaking of once-loved...I had the opportunity to tour this house the other day. It has a wonderful story that I encourage you to read here. In a few months time, I will have a tour of the present owner's former house and maybe in time a tour of the above house once it has been renovated. In case you're wondering, the wallpaper is staying.

These delicious looking popsicles and that lovely, vintage popsicle maker. Does anyone know where you can find a mold like that?

The current trend of DIY wrap, rope, and embroidered bracelets mixed with more expensive jewellery (particularly love these Cartier Love bangles). Now, if only I had the time to make some of these bracelets.

These floors and that mysterious man in the corner. Does anyone know any more about this photo? Someone suggested it might be the  late Cy Twombly?

This easy to care for backyard with the amazing view and perfect kid's teepee.

This stylish and practical seafoam tote with adjustable straps first spotted over on Fieldguided. Ideal for the beach, farmer's market and daytripping!

Image credits:
1 - 2 - Casa Midy
3 - 4 - Ginger Sorbara & Greg Pacek via Telephone Booth Gallery
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7 - Lolita
8 - Casa Midy
9 - Fabric and Handle