inspiration from readers

One of the best things about having this blog is all the information you (my readers) pass along to me. I sometimes feel like I have hundreds of people helping me with every project! You generously inform me of blogs I should visit or ideas you think might work, or products I should buy. Today I thought I would share a little bit of that wealth with all of you!

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that someone had told me about a kid's room where they installed a vintage map as a window blind. Turns out it was none other than Abbey from Aesthetic Outburst. Such a smart idea!

One of my readers, Nicole Fanelli, sent me a link to these great Boat Cleat Coat Hooks as a suggestion for Henry's room. I think they are absolutely perfect although I'm having a hard time tracking some down.

I'm not sure who is behind the twitter account of House & Home but they kindly sent me a link to this photo last week in reference to Henry's room. At the time, I was wondering whether or not I should paint the walls dark or leave them light. (You'll soon find out what I decided!) One thing I absolutely love about this room is the crate shelving idea. I might give it a go this weekend.

Another one of my readers, Jennifer Rose, sent me a link to Sian Zeng's whimsical work. Sian creates the most amazing bespoke and magnetic wallpapers along with other beautiful things that look like they escaped from the pages of a children's book.

Finally, I came across this image the other day on one of my favourite blogs, Madame Herve. I think the mixture of textures and materials in this kitchen is absolutely brilliant -- don't you?

Image credits:
Abbey Hendrickson
DeLong Ceramics
Kim Jeffrey
Sian Zeng
Petra Bindel