in the kitchn

One of the lovely editors over at The Kitchn, Laure Joliet, happened across my recent Chocolate Root Beer Bundt Cake experiment and gave it a try. Her conclusion - surprisingly quick, easy, impressive and delicious. I couldn't agree more!

Laure went out of her way to find a root beer that was made with sugar and not corn syrup. She used a brand called Trader Joes's that I haven't seen in Canada. I wonder if Stewart's Root Beer would work? I imagine the flavor is much purer and more intense. She also suggested that the frosting could easily be made by hand eliminating the need for a food processor (which certainly helps come clean up time).

As anyone else given this recipe a try?

I also liked Laure's suggestions of trying the same recipe with Cream Soda. How delicious would that be?

(All images Laure Joliet)