hoot, hoot a giveaway!

It is a week of firsts here at The Marion House. It started out with my first guest post and is ending with my first giveaway!

A little while back, I heard from the very talented Becky Lane of I Beast You. Before I say anything about her amazing work I have to show you this...

This is where Becky lives.

Now, be truthful, hasn't some part of you always wanted to experiment with the romantic notion of living in a remote place with only the simplest needs and desires? Well, Becky is doing it. Part of her reason for leading a simpler life is to understand intimately what "living" costs in terms of lumber, heating systems, and water use. Seeing this, I think gives you a better understanding of where Becky is coming from with her design studio, I Beast You.

If you don't already know, I Beast You is a concept design studio based out of Prince Edward County, Ontario that makes a range of products from repurposed furniture to textiles to soft toys.

Becky's work is humorous, thoughtful and very engaging and explores the themes of ritual, identity, and nostalgia. I love this quote from her website:

"I Beast You aims to situate itself at the crossroads between animality and culture, viewing the process of creating things as part of an ongoing effort to strike upon that elusive moment where both aspects hold each other in view."

Wow - awesome!

Becky also recently found out that she will be participating along with her friend Chrissy Poitras in this year's "Come Up To My Room" alternative design event held each year at The Gladstone Hotel in Toronto. I'll be talking more about this event as we get closer to the date.

Now on to the good stuff! Becky wrote to me with a special offer for all of you. She is generously giving away the noble Owl Beast pictured below. (My personal favorite.)

Isn't it lovely?

The Owl Beast is made from 100% cotton and silk screened using non toxic inks. It is detailed with a piece of reclaimed fabric. The Owl Beast contains no buttons or removable pieces so it is safe for infants and children. She is also including a copy of a new arts and culture magazine that just launched called Square2 that profiles artists and creative people. We never say no to a magazine!

So what do you have to do to be the owner of this witty Owl? Well, I thought it would be great if you visited Becky's website, or studio/blog/shop and digested some of her talent. Then come back here and leave a comment. That's it, so easy.

I will randomly select a winner next Friday, July 2nd. Remember you have to leave a comment here on this post!

Thank you Becky for making my week of firsts extra amazing. I hope you all enter to win this beautifully crafted beast!