Hepburn Mk II Radio

Radio. I'm sure it's death has been predicted a 1000 times. But to be honest, I find myself tuning into more than I do television. In fact, I turn the radio on at least once a day. Our television, on the other hand, hasn't been turned on since March when we binged-watch the fourth season of House of Cards. 

Unfortunately, the radio we had in our kitchen was losing its ability to hold a station. We'd fight through the static to find one, walk away and seconds later we'd hear the thumping base of some neighbouring radio station moving in on its turf. It became a losing battle so the radio just didn't get turned on.

Then I got my hands on a British radio by a brand called VQ. They design and engineer all of their radios in the English countryside (which is pretty rare for an audio company). Above all else, I was searching for a radio that would look on our countertops. You can't take the designer out of me! I chose the Hepburn Mk II which has some retro-styling but is also very subtle and elegant. It also has really great sound and has two speakers unlike a lot of other smaller radios on the market.

It is also has bluetooth capabilities (with a USB port for charging your phone) for when we want to have a spontaneous dance party in  the kitchen which is more or less everyday with a four-year-old. Come Tuesday morning, when the kids head off to school and we go back to work it will be a little easier with the radio on in the background.

The Hepburn Mk II is available at Amazon, Best Buy, Centre HiFi, Indigo, Hudson's Bay, Son-X-Plus, Wal-Mart and leading independent stockists.

Ed. note: This blog post was sponsored by brand partner VQAs always, all thoughts and opinions are always my own. Thank you for supporting my partners!